Why Laurik?

Laurik, The World’s 1st Clean Label Certified Nutraceutical Brand to make Lauric-enhanced Coconut Shots for Health & Beauty.

A Brand that makes self-care easier all the way.

~Sourced from Nature  ~Approved by Science.

We firmly believe that “ Beauty Does Not Fit in a Pill “ which is why we made the Shots into a Powder based Product.

The Laurik Shots have been developed after an extensive research of 24 months by Top scientists and nutritionists to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Its Patented formulation and World-class Processing/Product Management makes it one of the Best Nutraceutical Brand in the world.

Additionally , Laurik-Shots are based on Lauric-acid, a miracle cleanser ingredient that is rarely found in coconut and mother’s milk. It is popularly known for its amazing antimicrobial , anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

We have infused lauric acid with 26 other potent ingredients that are 100% Natural which have been known to nourish the body with the essential nutrients , vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and beautiful life/look.

Each ingredient has a potential purpose for inclusion in the formulation , for example Green Tea Extract which acts as a Sebum Combatant , Ginseng Roots as a Natural Skin Balancer , Bamboo Shoot as a Damage defender , Stevia as a sugar replacement as well as revitalizer, Legumes as a cell regenerator many others as well for Skin Moisturizer , Hydrator , Skin Booster and Cell regeneration.

Laurik Chooses all the right ways to do something , With the Right Ingredients , with the Right Routine and with the Right Certifications.

The Shots are specifically designed to be taken daily , which is why they are packed into a 8 grams serving Shot/Sachet.

This sachet packing also makes it easier to carry around , while travelling , in your car , in a handbag or in a pocket.

Which makes it absolutely convenient and effective to maintain a healthy Skincare/Haircare routine. 

Its independent concern oriented formulation makes it vitally effective to prevent and protect the Skin and Hair from the Inside out in a wholesome way.

Eat it , Drink it , Top it .

Love the way you take it.

It’s the best thing you can do to take care of yourself.

Love yourself with the Laurik Shots.

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