We’re the tissues to all Your (Hair & Skin) Issues!

Talking about issues in relation to hair care and skin care, it's usually difficult to determine which product to use and whether it's safe or not. Compared to all the harmful products out there there will only be a few that would work, but then again it’s different for different people.

The process of actually doing the research and figuring out what “You” need is a time taking process.

But we’re here to make that issue go away, with our box of (Tissues) Skin shots or Hair shots. Delivering the basic needs that your hair and skin need. 

Lauric being the main ingredient that carries out the necessary, mixed with 11 other miracle ingredients to benefit you.

When it comes to dry hair, hair fall and grey hair that torments you, our remedy that’s free from all chemicals,hard metals and elements that harm you aims to provide a healthy solution that eradicates all those issues.

Our carefully crafted Lauric Hair Shots for both men and women are aimed to eradicate hair fall issues, grey hair and hair that's damaged. Providing the nutrients and vitamins that your hair needs to grow strong, shiny and long. Similarly the Anti ageing shots are developed to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while making the skin smooth and young. The Laurik Collagen Booster shots developed to boost hydration and help reduce dry and unhealthy skin. And the Laurik Skin shots aim to help in eradicating overall skin issues faced by all. The main secret to all these successful products is the coconut that has all of these healing properties. Involving all the goodness of the coconut mixed with 24 other ingredients free from chemicals and pesticides just to deliver the optimum nutrition to you!