The World’s 1st Coconut-enhanced Laurik-Shots for Health & Beauty.

It's the World’s 1st ever Clean Label Certified Brand to make Coconut based Lauric-Shots for Health & Beauty.

After Extensive research of 24 months on the Most effective way to make Nutrition Supplements that are Actually Safe and Enjoyable for Daily Consumption.

Laurik Shots have finally made a scientific breakthrough to make the Laurik Shots based on Lauric-acid from Coconuts and 26 other Natural Ingredients that have been proven to bring results in the most natural way. 

  • The Laurik - Shots have been developed to target individual concerns of a person by formulating the Ingredients accordingly to nourish the specific areas.

Which is why ,There are Laurik Shots for Skin , Hair , Anti-aging and Collagen Boosting.

  • The Quality and Purity of the Product has been recognized globally by the Various QC Entities for its Manufacturing Procedures , Product effectiveness and Ingredient Sourcing.
  • Additionally , the Product has been certified by the Clean Label Project for being Clean and Safe down to the billion-th part.

Just to explain its relativity , only 1 among 100 of Nutraceutical brands  in World to be certified with this Quality Test.

  • Laurik Shots uses only Natural Ingredients to make their Product.
  • It’s made in a powder form to improve bioavailability.

The Laurik Shots have been specifically designed to be in the form of Powder , as research studies show that the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is 40% more effective like this than gummies , capsules or pills.

The Formulation of these shots has been placed in such a way that it is completely gut friendly.

It’s safe & easy to consume on a daily basis.

 They/We have paid close attention to the Daily Consumption oriented problems as the  shots are required to be consumed regularly , it is devoid of Vitamin C , Sugar and Maltrodoxin which are common reasons for spike in diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Therefore the Laurik Shots are Completely safe and without side-effects.

Sachets -  The Shots are Strategically/Purposefully/Intentionally packed into a serving of 8 grams in a sachet to maintain a proper dosage and also be able to carry the sachets anywhere you go.

A box of Laurik Shots consists of 15 Sachets for a Simple 15 day routine.

“ 1 shot a day “

Bringing the ease of use into consideration.

Flavours - The Shots are also available in 3 different flavours -Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee to be likeable and tasty at the same time to actually address the fact that when something needs to be eaten daily , it needs to be likeable and fun to consume.

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