Must-Know Benefits of Lauric Acid for Your Skin

The coconut oil that needs no introduction, of which we are well aware of its many uses and benefits for being the favourite skin moisturiser to the most used natural source of hair care, being a must-have product on everyone’s shelf is versatile and effective due to its active ingredient or fatty acid called lauric acid. 


Dermatologists and skin experts explained that “Lauric acid or systematically named dodecanoic acid is a saturated medium-chain fatty acid. The laurates are salts and esters of lauric acid, found in various plant and animal fats. It is also a significant component in palm kernel oil and coconut oil. Many skincare products composite this naturally derived fatty acid, specifically ones that are made using natural components. It is proven that using products with lauric acid regularly helps reduce conditions such as psoriasis and is celebrated for its antimicrobial properties and to fight against infection-causing bacteria.


Lauric acid can be naturally sourced from – Coconut; Lauric acid, along with caprylic acid, is the prime ingredient that gives coconut its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. The best way to reap the benefits of lauric acid is by consuming food cooked in coconut oil or coconut milk that helps repair and moisturise your skin from the inside to keep it soft, supple and healthy from the outside. Palm kernel oil; is yet another great source of lauric acid, which is also excellent for its moisturising and conditioning properties. One should remember to look for palm kernel oil instead of regular palm oil as the latter contains a relatively lesser quantity of lauric acid. Milk; is a universal and easily available source of lauric acid. Cow and goat milk have an abundant rate of these essential fatty acids and are a highly suggested replacement if you are not lactose intolerant. It is extremely important for a new mother to feed her child with breast milk, as it contains the highest amount of lauric acid. 


Doctors said, “Lauric acid greatly helps eliminate internal inflammation and the bacteria in the skin, helps skin repair and is widely used for acne treatment.” Following are detailed uses of Lauric acid:


  • Anti-ageing properties: lack of hydration and internal conditioning is one of the major concerns of the reason your skin looks dull and aged and leads to premature wrinkles. And this is why consistently using a moisturiser and including a diet rich in essential fatty acids and water is very important. Lauric acid comes in handy and is used in many anti-aging beauty products in the form of coconut oil/ palm kernel oil as they are in abundance of saturated fatty acids, which help hydrate and nourish your skin to reduce lines and wrinkles for plump and young-looking skin.
  • The inflammation commonly caused by a skin condition called psoriasis can be really painful and results in red, dry and scaly skin, causing a lot of itchiness and discomfort. Therefore, it is good to treat psoriasis as soon as possible. A great way to do so is to use a natural ingredient that is high in lauric acids, such as coconut oil, since they work to hydrate and repair skin, while the anti-inflammatory properties curb redness and inflammation. Mixing drops of organic coconut oil to use body lotion for hydrating dry skin. 
  • Lauric acid is regarded as the highest source of antimicrobial properties, prime regard to skincare. Tiny amounts of coconut oil or cow’s milk in one’s skincare can help soothe and calm inflamed skin and prevent acne-causing bacteria. This leaves your skin looking glass clear and glowing.
  • A common condition that can be seen in older adults is Xerosis cutis, where the skin turns abnormally dry and flaky. Condition through temporary is caused due to changes in weather conditions or reverting medications. Lauric acid in coconut oil applied to the affected area twice a day helps repair and hydrate severely dry skin for healthier skin. 



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