Lauric: The Mystery, The Myth? The Legend!

Lauric is a compound that is very uniquely found in few sources, apart from mothers milk it’s also found in Palm Kernel oil & Coconut Oil. Out of which the healthier option would be coconut oil as it contains MCT’s that are soluble and beneficial to the human body.

While coconuts are known as the king in hair and skin care, the main reason it’s bagged that position is due to the lauric acid that eventually converts to monolaurin that helps in several areas.

Monolaurin is known to have high antimicrobial & anti-viral effects that help eradicate bacteria and viruses. High in helping fight against fungal issues.

Moreover it helps in reducing inflammation and helps increase energy levels. 

Here’s why it's beneficial to add monolaurin that’s derived from lauric acid to your daily diet. It builds up your immunity, betters your skin and strengthens your hair. All of this in one little element.

Breaking the myth if it actually is effective? Well yes, lauric acid has high emulsifying properties and can be broken down into monolaurin that benefits in personal care and overall immunity hence it can be added into several of our diets in any form.

Coming to the end of the whole debate, Lauric acid is an element that can help on a whole different plane and is one of our main ingredients that is mixed with other 11 miracle ingredients to benefit your sleep, skin, hair, focus levels and gut health!