How to Consume the Laurik Shots ?

The Laurik-Shots have been developed with the core-intention to make nutrition supplements fun and easy. Which is why it comes in an easy dissolvable form to mix it with various food items. 

Just Take 1-Laurik-Shot a day.  Better health all the way.

Generally Speaking, Nutrition supplements work effectively when they are taken on a daily basis, whereas the problem arises when it becomes boring, especially when they are in the form of pills , capsules or gummies.

These Pills , capsules and gummies actually cause more harm than help. Since they have high amounts of sugars and preservatives.

Well, Not anymore , We have Laurik Shots to the rescue.

Firstly , Laurik-Shots come in a powder form , which is more effective for absorption upto 40% Higher than all our competition.

It’s made of Coconuts and 26 other ingredients for its medicinal and beauty benefits.

A pack of Laurik-shots contains 15 individual sachets to maintain a daily routine.

Secondly, The LaurikShots are available in 3 different Flavours to Try out , so that you’re never bored of it.

Lastly , The Core intention of making it a powder is that it gives room for creative combinations and recipes.

  1. You can Eat it - Directly or Mix it with your choice food like Oatmeals, Peanut Butter sandwich or anything else.
  2. You can Drink it - The Possibilities are endless when it comes to drinking as it is easily dissolvable.For Starters you can mix it with Hot beverages like Milk , Tea , Coffee..

Or Mix it with Cold beverages like Iceteas , Smoothies , Fruit juices or Milkshakes too.

  1. You can Have it any time of the day or night ,Just take 1 shot a day and you’re good to go.

Clean , Natural and Cruelty Free Powder Shots for your Skin & Hair by the World’s 1st Lauric-enhanced Coconut Shots.

Eat it , Drink it , Enjoy it 

The way you like it.