Best Product for Skin Care.

Skincare with the  Right product made with the Right Ingredients .

Let your skin naturally renew itself with the  World’s 1st Laurik Skincare Shots.

This Product has been developed with a firm belief that “Food is Medicine".

By Providing the body with the Right Nutrition to Preserve and Protect the skin from the Inside out.

A Safe , Natural and Easy way to get Glowing Skin in just 15 days

Laurik Shots is focused on solving the majority skin concerns on a repair and precautionary basis  instead of topical application of a product from the outside.

It is made into a powder form to improve the appearance and effectiveness of absorption in the body.

Just take 1 shot a day , at any time of the day or any time of the night.

With Consistent Usage of these Shots , The body absorbs vital nutrients , minerals and vitamins on a micro-level  through the  gut to improve the overall nourishment ultimately enriching the Skin Health.

These Shots are absolutely Easy to Consume , you can Eat it , Drink it , Top it on everyday food and beverages like Muesli , Smoothies and Milk too.

They are also available in 3 different flavours to make it fun to consume.

The Key Ingredients in the Laurik Skin Shots is  Lauric-acid, a miracle ingredient that is only available in Coconuts , Palm trees and mother’s milk.

  • According to research, consuming or applying  lauric acid to the skin can help manage acne-causing germs because of its antimicrobial properties.
  • Furthermore, Boosting the microbiome of the skin, lauric acid plays a vital role in maintaining its intrinsic defenses.

 The Other 26 Potent Natural ingredients in the LaurikShots are also super effective in helping  various aspects of the Skin, like  reducing wrinkles , moisture retention , improving texture and elasticity and also protecting the skin from the Sun’s harmful UV rays and giving you a Shinier and Radiant Natural Glow in an safe and reliable way.

Made by the World’s 1st Clean Label Certified Nutraceutical Brand to make Coconut Shots for Health & Beauty.

Take the Laurik Shots everyday for Best Results! Checkout our official website to purchase the Laurik Shots for yourself.