Best Product for Natural Collagen Boosting

Boost your body’s natural collagen production with the World’s 1st  Coconut-enhanced Laurik Collagen Booster Shots.

Collagen in the body is responsible for strengthening various aspects of the body for Skin , Hair , Nails Bones, Connecting tissues etc. 

Whereas this Collagen production in the body reduces gradually over time as we age.

For which we need to be taking various supplements and depending on natural sources to meet the needs.

Ideally this collagen-protein is extracted from various unfriendly sources like Fish and Meat which is not advisable.

Which is why , Laurik , a Clean Label Certified brand which makes Collagen Booster Shots based on sources of collagen that is clean , ethically and devoid of any harmful Pesticides and preservatives.

It uses Natural ingredients like coconut , green tea , whey protein , Proline and much more to naturally boost collagen production instead of directly adding collagen and its byproducts. 

Laurik Shots is focused on solving the majority health and beauty concerns on a repair and precautionary basis instead of topical application of a product from the outside.

It is made into a powder form to improve the appearance and effectiveness of absorption in the body.

Just take 1 shot a day , at any time of the day or any time of the night.

Making it convenient to maintain a daily routine.

With Consistent Usage of these Shots , The body absorbs vital nutrients , minerals and vitamins on a micro-level  through the  gut to improve the overall nourishment ultimately enriching the health of Skin , Hair , Nails and Bones from the Inside out.

These Shots are absolutely Easy to Consume , you can Eat it , Drink it , Top it on everyday food and beverages like Muesli , Smoothies and Milk too.

They are also available in 3 different flavours which make it fun to consume.

The Key Ingredients in the Laurik Skin Shots is  Lauric-acid, a miracle ingredient that is only available in Coconuts , Palm trees and mother’s milk.

According to research studies  from Harvard & Stanford , consuming or applying lauric-acid to the Hair and Skin can help manage Dull Skin , Dry Skin , Hair Fall , Dry Scalp and Skin firming  and  furthermore, Additionally boosting the cell regeneration with lauric-acid plays a vital role in maintaining its intrinsic defenses and cleansing the scalp internally with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Other 26 Potent Natural ingredients like Bamboo Shoot, Ginseng roots , Lettuce and much more in the Laurik Shots are also super effective in helping  various concerns  like Hair Loss , Damaged Hair , dull and firm skin and dehydrated skin.

They provide essential nutrients needed for the body which act like a miracle cleanser ,Skin regenerator , Skin Protectors , Skin Softener.

Made by the World’s 1st Clean Label Certified Nutraceutical Brand to make Coconut Shots for Health & Beauty.

Looking Youthful  has been Easier than Ever.

Take the Laurik Shots everyday for Best Results !

It's Clean , Safe and Convenient for Daily Nourishment.

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