All About Lauric & Mothers Milk :

What is Lauric?  What’s the hype? And how do you get it? Is it good?

Well let's lay down all the info out there, Lauric is a super ingredient that has several benefits, like literally SEVERAL!

But little did we know that we were introduced to it ever since we were in our mothers arms. Lauric Acid is one of the purest ingredients that mainly benefits the overall immunity of an individual, whether a child or an adult. 

Lauric Acid is present in mothers milk with a whooping 6.2% combined with other compounds that benefit a child's health. Lauric is known for bettering the immunity of a child by preventing diseases battling bacteria and viruses alongside providing anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents fungal infections and boosts metabolism and overall health of a child! But, don’t we need all that even now? Well that's our whole concept, the lauric found in mothers milk is also found in coconuts which is our main ingredient. And we all know that coconuts are beneficial for skin and hair. Mainly due to the Lauric Acid present in it.

But then again we always need to be careful of the fatty oils that may harm us, but here Lauric Acid has MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are healthy fatty acids that are beneficial to us. Over all the lauric acid converts into monolaurin which is beneficial for hair by nourishing it deeply till the roots and for skin it helps prevent bacteria that cause acne and other facial infections, along with making the skin & hair healthy.

Hence, we came up with our own patent formulation that includes not only Lauric acid derived from coconuts but also with other 11 miracle ingredients that benefit both skin and hair care.